What Is Millionaire Mentors Alliance? – Get All The Facts.



Millionaire Mentors Alliance Review

Product: Millionaire Mentors Alliance

Website: https://millionairementorsalliance.net

Price : $500 up to $50,000 ( seriously? )

Owner’s Name: Unknown ( This a huge Red Flag )

Overall Rank: 1 out of 10


History of Millionaire Mentors Alliance ( MMA )

There is very little history on this company as to when it was established, but according to my research, it is a fairly new company, about a year ago, around March 2018. (I’ll tell you how I found that out later). That’s OK, all companies have to start from somewhere right?

To be honest, my interest was peaked when I first read the header Millionaire Mentors Alliance. I mean who doesn’t want to have a group of millionaires of high earners mentoring you to become one of them? I spend a couple of hours on the MMA website, watching their videos and digesting every morsel of information. I am going to summarize their offer so you don’t have to waste your time doing what I did.

What Is Millionaire Mentors Alliance?

MMA is a new high ticket affiliate program that kicks off its pre-launch phase on Monday, March 12th, 2018.

” Millionaire Mentors Alliance is an Association of entrepreneurs and business owners from around the globe. Quite simply, an association is a group of people who find strength in numbers while sharing common interests in industries, professions, charities, hobbies, or philanthropic action ”

That’s the first thing you read on their About Us page, No mention about the owner/s. (I’ll come back to this later).

It goes on to say ” Millionaire Mentors Alliance marketing associates have the unique opportunity to sell a complete, ” turn-key” digital business. This ‘ ready-made ‘ business comes complete with your own customizable website/storefront, done-for-you digital products and a proven marketing and sales system that is extremely easy to implement for immediate profits “.

” Each of Millionaire Mentors Alliance packages contains pre-made, digital educational products in the form of video and audio courses. Our products are focused around subjects that are ‘ hot ‘ and current for our type of buyers such as marketing, branding, sales, internet strategies, positioning in the marketplace, mindset, attitude, motivation and much more ”

So What Are MMA Products?. See Below

MMA offers 7 different packages starting from Bronze Package $500 to a whopping Empire Package $50,000. ( Yup, no kidding!). In addition, there’s a one time licensing/admin fee. See details below:

  • Bronze – Admin fee $195, Commission- $500
  • Silver – Admin fee $198, Commission – $2,000
  • Gold – Admin fee $298, Commission – $3,500
  • Platinum – Admin fee $398, Commission – $7,000
  • Diamond – Admin fee $448, Commission – $15,000
  • Elite – Admin fee $498, Commission – $25,000
  • Empire – Admin fee $1,498, Commission – $50,000

How Do You Make Money With MMA?

Its 7.20 minutes videos described 4 ways to make money through MMA

Millionaire Allaiance Scam

1. Direct Sales, where you can earn between $500 up to $50,000. Note. The video narrator’s voice is notched several decibels higher to rile up your excitement. This is psychology 101.

2. Qualification Sales. Once you became an associate you’re required to make one sale and the package profits go to your referring associate. ( What a joke lol )

3. Pass Up Sales. This is how it works. Say Mike became an associate at $7,500 level and Mike recruited John who is at $3500 level and John recruited Mary who purchased the $7500 package, the $4000 difference, will roll up to Mike. Clever huh!

Tough luck for John for missing the $4,000. But this is confusing to me. All payments are done by cashier’s cheque directly from the recruit to his immediate recruiter. In this case, Mary purchased the $7,500 package, how would Mary know how to split the payments into two, $3,500 to John and $4,000 to Mike?

4. Upgrades. It claims 80% of new associates started at $3500 and $7500 package but quickly upgrades to $50,000 Empire Level because they are making so much money, upgrading is easy, or so it claimed.

If you believe any of the above is highly likely, then join. I certainly wouldn’t recommend it.

So What You Get As An Associate?

1. YOUR OWN PERSONALIZED WEBSITE with a one-time licensing fee. “Our one-time licensing fee INCLUDES your own customizable Millionaire Mentors Alliance website (just like this one) that is made for you to share with your new prospective customers “.

Note. If it looks just like this one, how is that personalized and customizable?

2. AUTOMATED FOLLOW UP SYSTEM. An automated email response system that will automatically send a series of professional email letters to all of your potential customers on your behalf with your contact information to assist your follow up efforts for faster results and profits.








MMA Testimonials. Fake.

MMA has a series of short 2 minutes videos of faked MMA associates testifying the kind of money they are making. I watched them all. Not a single one of them mentioned about MMA. They all flashed the big UPS, FedEx envelopes that supposedly to contain cashier’s cheque.

The thing is you can’t really see if they are actually cashier’s cheque much less the amount. Many are just telling their sob stories prior to joining ( joining what ? ) and now within a few months after becoming associates they are 6 figures income earners and even 7 figures. One of them even said he has been an associate for over 6 years. How is that even possible when the Association was established in just about one year? LOL

The people in the testimonials are mostly baby boomers ( I am assuming they are targeting this market segment ) who lack excitement in their life and have plenty of money to throw around. When I check some of the photos they are actually fake photos from Shutterstock and Bigstock sites.


So How Do You Make Money With MMA?

Recruit other people to do what you did. Your first sale doesn’t go to you, but to your sponsor instead. Bummer! After that everything you sell is yours. This looks pretty much like MLM.

MLM is not necessarily bad on its own. MLM is not a pyramid scheme. MLM is a legal and often sustainable business model, a pyramid scheme is neither legal nor sustainable. Still, the recruitment process is very hard, almost impossible. I mean who is naive enough to fork out up to $50,000 to become an associate when the Association is cloaked in secrecy? Is this CIA?

Yes, MMA does provide a contact phone number as follows :

I did call that number. The first call, I got a voicemail, it sounded like a 20-year-old. 5 minutes later I called back and, someone answered. Yeah, this time he did sound like a 60-year-old man. After introducing myself, I asked, if I am speaking to Mike Kingman. He was rather evasive by saying he could send me extra videos. The thing is, he knew my exact location based on my phone number, I am in California, and my email address, but he won’t tell me where he was. That’s kinda scary.

Anyways, I asked him about the MMA. Mike told me the Association has been around for only 1 year ( though in one of the testimonial videos, one associate claimed he joined the MMA six years ago, so who’s fibbing here ? ).

Mike told me MMA is a high ticket program, and he will email me an alternative program. This is weird, considering that Mike is MMA Empire Level Qualified associate( the $50,000 package level ). Why would he implicitly discourage people from joining MMA and diverting them to a different program? Isn’t that a red flag to you?

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly of MMA.


1. Possibilities of high income

2. Has ‘ contact ‘ telephone number. Yes someone actually answered

3. Turnkey system

4. ????? Can’t think of anything else


1. Incredibly Expensive. How many can and/or willing to write a $50,000 cashier’s cheque?

2. No owners. My first question is who runs the Association? There must be some sort of board of directors, CEO/Owner, but none was mentioned on its website. An Association cannot run by itself.

3. Fake testimonials. Pictures are taken from Shutterstock and Bigstock

4. Misleading information. MMA claim that you can ‘make a ton of money in an instant’ is very deceptive. It sounds too good to be true. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. You don’t make $50,000 by having ‘everything made for you’, as the company wants you to believe.

If you can make $50,000 by having ‘everything made for you’ then this system is a cookie cutter for success. A system that is easily duplicable to make $5 million or $50 million. Why stop at $50,000?

5. “Businesses In A Box” is dangerous and is bound to fail. Similar businesses like MOBE and Digital Altitude. have been recently shut down. MMA associates are not really selling anything to the general public, nor do you have an option to expand your ‘business’ beyond the company. So when people stop joining, the Association will inevitably fail.

Is Millionaire Mentors Alliance A Scam? My Verdict.

We could debate this till the cows come home and what we think doesn’t really matter. What matters is what the FTC considers and I am pretty certain FTC will frown on this concept.

For that reason, and all the other reasons listed in this review I strongly recommend that you don’t touch Millionaire Mentors Alliance even with a ten-foot pole.

So What Better Option Are Out There?

Affiliate Marketing is my preferred model as many affiliate marketers will testify to make an income from home.

I prefer this model and I’ll look for these qualities:

  • Free to very little start-up cost.
  • No recruiting of people like with MLMs and there is no direct selling involved
  • You get to promote whatever products or services you want on your site, and you get paid a commission from companies like Amazon. E-Bay, Click-Bank, etc if someone makes a purchase. So there’s a real product of other companies for you to promote on your site and they pay you a commission
  • Great 24/7 community support. Unless you’re a very experienced affiliate marketer, you are going to need support, technical, or otherwise. Without support, you’re likely to flounder because it takes a lot of hard work, and knowledge to succeed in affiliate marketing.
  • The company that has been around for several years and will continue for many, many more years.
  • A company that’s accredited with BBB.
  • A company that is paying commissions to its members on-time all the time.

So if you want to know my recommended affiliate marketing company, CHECK OUT THE RECOMMENDED ALTERNATIVE.

Affiliate Master

Whatever you do next, I wish you all the best.

If there’s something else you want to know or you have any questions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you ASAP!



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  1. Wow, this is just mind-blowing to me! I love the way you researched what so many people would just believe at first sight. There are so many scams out there and it’s sad the number of people that are really in a desperate situation when they start looking for a way to make money. I hope they find you first!

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    Ahearst, thanks so much for the great information you shared. You’ve so much work to researched to know how a lot of scam site online are scamming people. many people have been victim of this scammers, by sharing this post you’ve help us to know the people or site we should with.
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  3. This a very good and very through review! Thank you for saving folks potentially thousands of dollars on this MMA scam. Well done and keep up the great work!

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