Legendary Marketer Reviews -[Is It Good For You?]

Product: Legendary Marketer

Owner: David Sharpe

Years In Business: 2 Years

Website URL: https://legendarymarketer.com/

Price: $30/month + Huge Upsells

Contacts: Email, support@legendarymarketer.com. Phone 7277 498 5138

My Rankings: 55 out of 100


Topics to be covered:

1. What is Legendary Marketer

2. How does Legendary Marketer work

3. Legendary Marketer product packages

4. Legendary Marketer affiliate program

5. Income Disclaimer

6. The positives & negatives of Legendary Marketer

7. My recommendation

8. Is Legendary Marketer legit or scam

9. Quick Comparison – Legendary Marketer Vs Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate


What Is Legendary Marketer (LM)?

Legendary Marketer is an internet marketing program that’s brought to you by David Sharpe, a former co-founder of EMpower Network that took the internet market by the storm in the early 2000 and now bankrupted. LM offers training courses in the form of videos in affiliate marketing.


How Does Legendary Marketer Work?

The base of Legendary Marketer is its subscription service for monthly marketing training videos.


The 10 Packages of Legendary Marketer

Package #1. $30 per month.

Members receive monthly access to a live virtual training workshop and a new class taught by an “ expert “ on a topic related to marketing, sales, management or operations.

This curriculum and the way it’s delivered teaches you the basics of internet marketing. It covers subjects on lead generation, marketing strategies on social media like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

Resources through Legendary Marketer are available to members to help them promote the product ( i.e Legendary Marketer).

These resources include.

  1. Ready-made banner ads
  2. Standard landing page
  3. Ad copy
  4. Video Ads
  5. 45-day email copy sequence templates


Package #2. Traffic Rolodex Bundle, $247 (one time)

There are 8 different individual courses included in this Bundle, that teaches members the mechanics of creating compliant landing pages for each social media platform like Google, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, GDN (Google Display Network) and Twitter so they can generate the maximum leads without the risk of losing their accounts.

Members are encouraged to use Traffic Bundle Rolodex as their advertising Bible and enjoy lifetime updates to the curriculum anytime changes are made to a platform.Holy Bible


3. Package #3. Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint. $2,500 (one time)

This course will show members how to wake up in the morning, open their laptops, and see “passive income” rolling in while they were asleep..That’s the life of a successful marketer, affiliate marketing is how they get started.

In the Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint members will learn how to get set-up, sift through the thousands of products online they can promote to find winners, and make their first sale…then many more.


4. Package #4. Digital Products Business Blueprint. $2,500 (one time)

Inside the Digital Products Business Blueprint members will learn how to channel their knowledge or passion into an audio, video or written format, from planning their curriculum to delivery, then onto getting their first customer!


5. Package #5. Coaching and Consulting Business Blueprint. $2,500 (one time)

Inside the Coaching and Consulting Business Blueprint, you are taught how to identify your niche, create your offer and clarify your pitch. Plus, how to deliver your services and scale your business for maximum profit and minimum stress.


Package #6. Events and Masterminds Business Blueprint $2,500 ( one time )

Inside the Events and Masterminds Business Blueprint you’ll learn how to plan, host and profit from your live event or mastermind. You’ll learn how to save on costs, who to hire and where to host your events.

You’ll also learn the art of science of becoming a talented facilitator who creates an atmosphere of growth your clients will love you for…and keep paying you to attend! conference


Package #7. Legendary Marketer Mastermind – $8,000 (one time)

This is a live in-person mastermind that teaches members the most cutting edge traffic, lead generation and conversion strategies from the world’s top online marketers. ( Who voted them as World’s top online marketers? )


Package #8. Legendary Entrepreneur Mastermind – $12,000 (one time)

This is also a live in-person mastermind covering health, wealth and wisdom hacks, growth tips and performance strategies to create and protect your wealth and become the best version of yourself.


Package #9. Done For You(DFY) Brand Builder – $10,000 (one time)

Even with all the tools and software available, knowing what to put together and how to make it work for you, instead of against you, is difficult. The Done-For-You Brand Builder Service is here to eliminate that stress and help you with this urgently important part of your business.


Package #10. Legendary Leadership Group – $30,000 (one time)

Dave’s personal goal for you is to have a plan in place to launch your business and achieve your goal – whether that’s to be your own boss or double your income and help you become one of his success stories by following his leadership.

Well, I am not so sure about that. David leadership of a bankrupt EMpower Network is not exactly a leadership role model I would want to emulate.

You’ll be modeling David Sharpe proven business plans to launch, grow and scale your business to 6, 7, 8 and even 9 figures, all of which Dave has done…and all of which he can help you do, too.( 9 figures, that’s a billion, Dave is not a billionaire yet, at the time of this writing. You can’t teach someone a skill that you don’t possess. That’s a tall claim).


Legendary Marketer Affiliate Program.

According to their Affiliate Referral Plan, there are two types of affiliate options:

1. As a Basic affiliate, you’ll earn a 5-30% commission on product sales on your referrals.

2. To become a PRO affiliate you create an affiliate account and select the PRO option at $29.95 per month. As a PRO affiliate, you’ll earn 20-60% commission on product sales on your referrals and have access to advanced features and training.


Commissions Breakdown For LM Affiliate.


1. Legendary Marketer’s Club – $9 residual for Basic, $18 for Pro

2. Traffic Rolodex – $24,70 for Basic, $98.80 for Pro

3. Affiliate Business Blueprint – $250 for Basic, $1,000 for Pro

4. Digital Products Business Blueprint – $250 for Basic, $1000 for Pro

5. Coaching and Consulting Business Blueprint – $250 for Basic, $1,000 for Pro

6. Events and Masterminds Business Blueprint – $250 for Basic, $1,000 for Pro

7. Marketer Mastermind – $800 for Basic, $3,200 for Pro

8. Entrepreneur Mastermind – $1200 for Basic, $4,800 for Pro

9. Do For Yourself (DFY) Brand Builder- $500 for Basic, $2,000 for Pro

10. Legendary Leadership Group -$2,500 for Basic, $10,000 for Pro

Overall, the commissions’ structure is not too shabby huh! But wait. What’s this?



Income Disclaimerincome disclaimer

According to the Legendary Marketer Income Disclaimer, the average annual income for an affiliate is between $500 and $2,000 at the time of writing this review. If you read the fine print though, these are just projections and not actual earnings.

Can you really live on that income?


The positives & Negatives of Legendary Marketer

The Positives

1. High Commission Rates. The high commission rates coupled with high-ticket products have the potential for higher earnings.

2. 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. If you simply want to see what Legendary Marketer is all about, you can try it risk-free. This only applies to subscription-based products like the Legendary Marketers club.

3. Offers Affiliate programs ( see details on their website)


The Negatives.

1. Too many Upsells. After you choose the Pro or Basic account, you will be faced with several upsells, like their masterclass courses or coaching classes.

2. Poor customer support. Call this number on their website 727 498 5138. You get voicemail only.

3. No chat or 24/7 support

4. Not suitable for novice online marketer.

5. Not suitable for someone on a shoe-string budget. Without buying the upsells it’s unlikely you can make a high income.

6. Doesn’t teach you to work for yourself. Most of the training and resources are focused on you promoting Legendary Marketer products. It’s not a pyramid system, but close enough.

7. Limited products to promote. You can only promote Legendary Marketer products. Compared this to my recommended affiliate program with millions of products to promote.

8. Should this company goes belly under like it’s predecessor EMpower Network,( David Sharpe was a co-founder ) you are left with nothing.

7. Hidden cost not informed in advance but are essential. The training you receive from the program focuses on paid traffic. So there are extra expenses that are not disclosed. Paid traffic could add hundreds and thousands of extra dollars in monthly expenses.

9. Low Income Potential. Even the Income Disclaimer released by Legendary Marketer says that the projected annual income is only $500 – $2000 at the time of this review. For most people, this isn’t enough to cover your living expenses.

Thumbs Up


My Recommendation

If you want a business opportunity where you have a greater potential to earn money online because you’re not limited to promoting one company, then check out Wealthy Affiliate where you can get started for free.

It will provide you the opportunity to promote fortune 100 companies like Amazon.com, eBay, ClickBank, etc.

My recommended affiliate marketing business, WA, does not depend on the company since I can promote unlimited products and get paid directly by mega huge companies like Amazon, com. eBay, Walmart, etc.

So you tell me which is better of the two? No comparison.

Scam alert

So Is Legendary Marketer Legit or Scam?


No, it’s not a scam. It’s an affiliate marketing company which is perfectly legit. You get something for what you paid for. A scam is something when there’s no real product/service in exchange for the payment.

Would I recommend it? If you don’t mind spending thousands of dollars, go ahead. You may just be able to earn 6 or 7 figure income as they claimed.

You pay Legendary Marketer and you get their training course. Perfectly legit. What I don’t like about Legendary Marketer is too many upsells and are way too expensive. There is too much focus on their training on promoting the Legendary Marketer’s product line.

So if you’re trying to learn a business where you can make money promoting other products, Legendary Marketer is not for you. Your income is too dependent on pushing Legendary Marketer higher priced products.

You may be able to fork out thousands of dollars but ask yourself how many people can afford or willing to pay thousands and thousands for training materials that are available online for free?

But it takes hard work and lots of time to gather all those information you might say. Well yeah, how else David Sharpe and their “experts” get the knowledge? David Sharpe is a high school drop-out, so if he can do it so can you.

However, if you want an online business formatted in modules that are easy to follow and without paying an arm and a leg then Wealthy Affiliate is what you should try for free. Take a test drive and if WA is for you then get in full board.

Wealthy affiliate reviews


Quick Comparison – Legendary Marketer VS Wealthy Affiliate



1. When was the company established?

Legendary Marketer in 2017 by David Sharpe, the co-founder of EMpower Network that went bankrupt a few years ago. Wealthy Affiliate was founded in 2005 by Kyle & Carson, it’s still around and getting stronger by the day.

2. Upsells?

Legendary Marketer basic product costs $30/month and from then on it upsells the other 9 products/services up to $20,000.  Wealthy Affiliate membership fees are $49/month, with absolutely no upsells.

3. Members?

With only 2 years under their belt, Legendary Marketer has no verifiable memberships to show. Wealthy Affiliate to-date has over 1.5 million members, numbers are on record.

4. Business Conference Perks?

Legendary Marketer mastermind business conference costs $12,000, leadership group costs $30,000 for members to attend. Wealthy Affiliate pays for qualified members to attend its annual Las Vegas Super Affiliate Conference.

5. Support?

Legendary Marketer has below par members support with only voicemail and email support vs Wealthy Affiliate with 24/7/365 live chat room support. Have direct access to owners Kyle & Carson who personally answer any members questions

6. Training tools?.

Legendary Marketer provides no training or keywords research tools. Wealthy Affiliate offers many training tools including free Jaaxy keyword research tool.

7. Website?.

Legendary Marketer does not offer members free website. Wealthy Affiliate offers website creation through WordPress at no charge. Even hosted the domain with a nominal annual fee that never increases.

8. Member Free Trial?

Legendary Marketer does not offer Free Starter membership. It does offer a refund within 30 days only on the $30 /monthly fees. Wealthy Affiliate offers Free Starter membership and they can remain as a free starter member for as long as they like. No refund is offered once paid.

9. Membership fees discount?

Legendary Marketer offers no membership fees discount. Wealthy Affiliate offers membership fees discount for half-yearly and yearly payment.


Now that you’re more informed, let’s get going. A Chinese philosopher once said the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now. Don’t wait for another 20 years or even 20 hours. It doesn’t matter if you are 60, 20 years from now you’ll be 80 with or without Wealthy Affiliate. So take action, Now.

=====> Join Wealthy Affiliate Here.

I have reviewed several online marketing companies that ply on unsuspecting and inexperienced online marketers with the switch-and-bait system. They reeled you in with a shiny offer and once hooked, you soon realized that you need to make more purchases in order to make money or you discovered what is offered is not what was claimed.

Here are my reviews on these companies with a dubious distinction.

  1. Millionaire Mentors Alliance
  2.  Global Affiliate Zone  
  3.  Email Processing System(EPS)
  4.  Your Own Lead Now    
  5.  The Super Affiliate Success System


Thank you for reading. If you have any business ideas to share with me, questions to ask, comments to make, leave them below. I will as always get back to you ASAP.

Thank You









20 thoughts on “Legendary Marketer Reviews -[Is It Good For You?]”

  1. I really like what you have done here !!! it’s good to see the actual differences between LM and WA.
    Before i was at WA i was with LM and they offer you everything BUT there is a catch You need to pay where we here at WA they offer you way more and there is constant amount of people online doesn’t even matter what time it is in your part of the world .

    Even for me that was at LM and now WA this article or post was definitely real interesting to read you will convince a lot of people who does the research like i did only if i knew this in the beginning.

    The layout was done perfectly even if there is a lot of contend you made short paragraphs that made it easy to read

    The freestyle method that’s how i see it is user friendly i’d say really good content.

    1. Thank you Jean

      I believe it’s important to give people all the facts so they can make an informed decision. They are genuinely looking to find an online business can help them to succeed in their business and we owe them the obligation the transparency, It’s sad that there too many unscrupulous people out there who would peddle anything only to line up their pockets, promising heaven and earth, knowing fully well that there is very little chance of success. These people, gave all the rest of online marketers a bad rap.

      If my post could help just one person, I have done my job in saving his/her time and money from pie-in-the-sky promises.

  2. I’m so glad I started with Wealthy Affiliate.
    Every time I look at other marketing courses in totally shocked by the huge upsells.
    Your review of Legendary Marketers is eye opening. Thousands of dollars for training is insane.
    I hope everyone who is looking for a beginner affiliate marketing program does the research you have done to be informed. Wealthy Affiliate’s free start up is the only way I could afford to get into affiliate marketing training.
    I t is AWESOME that wealthy affiliates has a discount for yearly membership.
    Thanks for the comparison. It makes me even happier with my choice to stay with Wealthy Affiliate.

    1. Hi Roberta

      Yes, we all have to do our due diligence before we spend our hard-earned money and countless hours on an online business that just suck our resources with little to no hope of ever making money. I am always wary of programs that use bait-and-switch tactic, trying to rail you in with enticing offer and once we are in, they load you with more and more stuff to buy, with the promise that the more you spend the better chance of success you have, And soon we are out by the thousands before we knew it. The only person that really makes money is the promoter of those shiny products.

      WA does have a very generous yearly discount, about 50 %. If budget permits take advantage of that. There’s also a halfyearly payment discount.

      Thanks for reading my post

  3. That‘s such an informative article!
    I started the 15-day online business challenge on LM, which was ok, but you’re right with the price it’s too expensive.
    Thank you for the great explanation, now I know that it was a good decision to stay with WA.

    1. Hi Anh-Tu

      Good to know that you made a wise decision, 2 decisions actually. 1. Quitting LM before they bleed you dry 2. Joining WA that gives you way more than LM without emptying your pocket.

      Than you for reading my post

  4. hey, this is a great reivew. Looks like a lot of upsells that you are exposed to. I think I would rather learn the affiliate marketing techniques taught within Wealthy Affiliate. I know that the Legendary Marketer has a similar approach that MOBE and Digital Altitude had with their free training followed by a coaching call, which is really a sales call. Great review.

    1. hank you, Ralph

      Absolutely right. WA offers the best training on affiliate marketing out there without draining your pocket. You have a good chance at success with WA if you work at it. WA is not a get-rich=quick scheme.

      MOBE and Digital Altitude were both shutdown by authority. So if any business model that follows MOBE & Digital Altitude they face similar fate later on.

      Please take note of that

  5. Your article is very well done & informative. I am new to WA but seeing your LM comparison plus other online businesses I’ve researched really helps me to see WA is the best option for me. Thanks again for the info.

  6. Thank you kindly, I was actually considering Legendary Marketer but having learned it is by the same guys that were behind EMpower network (when I do believe has a predecessor also) I think it is best avoided.

    I do have to say though at least Legendary Marketer is more Direct Affiliate Commissions rather than a digital MLM – thankfully that part of our industry is being cleaned up.

    You mention paid traffic, that is a skill, I do mean a skill! Any fool can pay for traffic just as any fool can buy an advert but making it profitable is the question and that is where training is needed.

    Advertsing (or PPC) is what really moves your blog from being a hobby that makes money to a full on business.

    1. Hi Derek

      EMpower was founded by two Davids, one of them is David Sharpe. When it was shut down they owed millions to their members and are now in a court battle in US & Canada. Leave that aside, it would be wise for someone considering online business to exercise great cautious following someone with that track record.
      Paid traffic does require skills to make your online business profitable, without that skill, it’s a waste of money. And paid advertising is not cheap, to begin with.
      Thanks for reading. Appreciate it.

  7. Hi Ahearst,

    Loved your article, was so informative, I am glad that I read this before jumping into something that shady, WA is definitely the way to go for affiliate marketing. The way you compared the two was perfect, taking the negatives and giving us readers a positive to fall back on.
    I also really like how easy you made it to stay reading which is something I have a hard time with, my ADD kicks in normally.

    Again thank you

    1. Hi Samuel
      Thanks for your comments. There are thousands of online businesses out there, while a great majority are legitimate, there are few that operate on the shady side. One has to be careful before jumping into a program that promises heaven and earth. If they sound too good to be true, they may just be that.
      I have done several reviews on these kinds of programs that attempt to lure unsuspecting people into parting their money only to realize that the promises are not delivered.
      Thank you.

  8. Excellent review on Legendary Marketer. Also like how you compared it to Wealthy Affiliate. I had no idea that LM had that many upsells. I will definitely steer clear of that one. I am also looking forward to reading your reviews on the other 5 online marketing companies. I also agree with your assessment to not procrastinate, and to do it now, no matter your age. Well done, Tom

  9. Thanks for this review.
    I’ve signed up with LM a few weeks ago but didn’t buy anything.
    As you said, to make a decent amount of money, you have to take the upgrades. Will never take an upgrade for $20.000

    WA offers enough training and is much cheaper. Alone the Live training every Friday is worth the money.

    I’m pretty sure LM will scam as Empower did. I don’t really trust David Sharpe. Maybe he has changed I don’t know. We will see.


    1. Hi Damien
      It’s a good thing you realize early enough on LM before spending thousands of dollars on their programs. It’s possible to make good money with LM, but it takes way too much investment into the program compared to WA which charges nominal monthly fees. All the mastermind trainings, live conference, weekly videos are available without extra charges. Its definitely well worth the money spent on WA

      Thanks for reading my post

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