How To Improve Your Website Ranking In Search Engine? Using Jaaxy

As an affiliate marketer, we frequently write contents on our website promoting our niche products. This is all designed to encourage readers to take action, make a purchase so we can earn a percentage of the profits. That’s the ultimate objective for all online affiliate marketers, to earn commissions. Well, unless you’re just writing for the sake of writing without promoting anything, which is perfectly fine if that’s what you like to do.

It’s essential to write quality contents and to get them ranked in the search engines like Google, Bing & Yahoo. Why is that important to get indexed and ranked you may ask? The short answer is that if our post is not ranked by the search engines what good will it do to your post? Remember as I said earlier, as an affiliate marketer, our main objective is to get readers to read and take action.

Now if our post is not ranked that means no one will read our post. Dah, they can’t read something if they can’t find our post simple as that. So it makes sense that our presence must be visible to readers or as I would like to call them ”prospective customers”

With so many posts, thousands if not millions, how can we ensure that our post gets ranked by Google on the first page? What would make our post stand out and special to Google? There are many factors or algorithms on how Google will rank a post. It’s beyond the scope of this short post to delve on all of them, but one thing that stands out is choosing keywords that people will be searching for online. ( I have touched on how to choose a long tail phrase in my previous post, and you can read it for an in-depth analysis).

Incorporating the best keywords is a smart move to push us ahead of our competition. It’s the very foundation of search engine optimization (SEO).

Here I want to touch on the best search tool in hunting for the right keywords and if you’re not using this keywords search tool you’re really missing out an important tool to help you get ranked by search engines. The tool I am referring here is JAAXY. It’s free to join and it has helped me tremendously in searching for relevant keywords.

What is Jaaxy

Jaaxy is an online keyword searcher tool that will shorten your keyword research efforts down to a modicum effort.



How Does Jaaxy Work?

There are three well-known search engines namely, Google, Bing and Yahoo, Google being the top of the three. What Jaaxy does is essentially it collects search data from these three search engines and displays it in a simple to read manner.

It provides information about keyword competition, Average ( the average number of searches the keyword receives per month), Traffic ( visit to your website if your site is on the first page ) QSR ( quoted search results, the number of competing websites ranked in Google for this exact keyword) and lots of other useful stuff.

All you need to pay attention is basically the QSR and Average as explained in my previous article.

1. Little or Low Competition(QSR). QSR should be your first focus when researching for certain keywords/phrase. With low QSR or competition, you have a better chance of being ranked on Google’s first page. Don’t bother if the keywords have high competition no matter how appealing those keywords may sound. If you don’t get ranked, it is a wasted effort.

There is only one search tool that offers this piece of data in an efficient manner, at least that I know of, and that is Jaaxy. And yes, I use Jaaxy for my keyword research all the time. I look for QSR number to be 100 or below. Not always easy to find, but once found, they are worth it is weight in gold.

2. Traffic. ( Avg )

There must be traffic obviously. If the traffic gives 50 searches per month and above I’ll go for it. The more the better. The minimum I settle for is 50 though sometime I will even go for the mid-40s.

The figures may seem low, that’s alright because my objective is to get ranking on the first page, so the more first page rankings I got from my posts, even with low traffic, the more exposure I get. Cumulatively I am better of vs those who have high traffic but poor rankings. High traffic is useful and great only if you are on the first page. Makes sense right?

Please note the keywords must make sense to you because you are writing to human beings, not for search engines. Take these two keywords/phrase for example, which one makes sense?

How to make money online for free vs How make money online free.

It’s kind of awkward trying to piece the content together when you are using a keyword that doesn’t make sense.

How Useful Is Jaaxy?

This is pretty obvious as you will soon see. Jaaxy has many features and is capable of :

1. Searching low competition keywords, as low as a single digit that makes it easy to get fast rankings.

2. Informing or revealing high traffic niches that are barely exploited by affiliate marketers.

3. Revealing to you how much traffic you can expect if you choose a particular keyword and the possible rank for it.

4. Saving and organizing your selected keywords by topic.

5. Brainstorming on certain topics or keywords phrase, and much more.

As you can see Jaaxy is indeed a very useful arsenal to have.




Who Should Use Jaaxy?

With all the useful research features Jaaxy provides, the answer is very obvious. Everyone, I mean everyone who wants his presence visible online. But let’s get specifics here. Jaaxy should be used by these groups of online marketers ( though this list is by no means inclusive ).

  • Affiliate marketers who wrote article contents on their niche products on their websites
  • Freelance writers who wrote articles as independent writers to numerous publications
  • YouTube marketers, who created YouTube in the promotion of their products
  • SEO companies who manage their clients’ accounts on site ranking
  • Site & Domain flippers, these are people who buy sites and domains and then flip them around for a profit after he did a cosmetic makeover to enhance the value of the sites/domains
  • Email marketers searching for relevant and topics to discuss with their subscribers
  • Professional bloggers who made living blogging on a specific niche product
  • Pay Per Click Online Advertisers. These are the people who do digital advertising that allows them to target specific users online and pay for actions taken by these users




If you belong to one or two of the groups I just listed above who should be using this phenomenal research tool but have not been using it because perhaps you never heard about Jaaxy, would you now consider using it? We all could use any form of help to improve our online presence couldn’t we?

But perhaps you had been blogging for a few years without ever using this phenomenal research tool, and doing well without Jaaxy, would you give Jaaxy a try to get even better rankings on search engines? We all could use further improvements.

Love to hear your comments/critique/opinions on Jaaxy after you have tried.




13 thoughts on “How To Improve Your Website Ranking In Search Engine? Using Jaaxy”

  1. Very useful tips and very well explained. I am still getting acquainted with Jaaxy, but I am getting the hang of it now, I think. I certainly belong to two of the mentioned groups who could use Jaaxy, so I am glad that I have access to it 🙂
    Thanks for sharing

  2. Hi, thanks for sharing such a detailed introduction on Jaaxy. Actually i use Jaaxy i lot during my post content building. And it is really helpful to me. It shows which keyword is already highly competed in search engines and which ones are suitable for new blog writer aiming to ranking their posts higher in search engines. Great tool, easy and clear!

  3. Hi, thank’s for telling us about the Jaaxy keyword tool 🙂
    I know that keywords are important in content marketing and for improving rankings in search engines.
    Although there is, as you say, a lot more to it it still begins with a good keyword title.
    I want to work with Jaaxy because it has a lot of features and detecting the average search volume and competition is very important and has to be easy to work with.
    I’ve tried your link and was surprised to find that I can use Jaaxy for free to try, thanks 🙂

    1. Hi Stefan

      Yes, Jaaxy is available for free and if someone wants an upgrade version to enjoy Jaxxy many other beneficial features they can do so. The cost is really minimal


  4. Hi Ahearst,
    Thanks for a really informative post. I have been using Jaaxy for a little while now and everything you touched on in your post very accurately describes what you get from using it. I will definitely recommend any blogger to use it, especially if you are an affiliate marketer.

  5. I used a couple of keyword research tools over the last few years and i must say that Jaaxy is in top 3 easy. I still use it constantly in conjunction with other tools. Would certainly recommend.

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