How To Get Free Traffic On Your Website? – 7 Marketing Techniques.

In this 3rd series of affiliate marketing ( previous two articles are “affiliate marketing 101 steps by steps“&”how to find the best keywords for my website”) I will highlight the first 7 marketing techniques on how to get free traffic on your website.

You have already decided to become an affiliate marketer. You found your niche, created a website, written contents, carefully selecting the low-hanging keywords obtained from the research tool Jaaxy to get high ranking in search engines like Google, Bing & Yahoo, but you don’t see the traffic yet. Now, what should you do to get traffic?

Getting ranked is good but is that enough? Could you use more traffic? Of course. But how, you might ask?. In this article, I am going to let you into some of the techniques professional affiliate marketers used to get free traffic or as I like to call it traction marketing.

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Seven Marketing Techniques To Attract Traffic To Your Website.


Without traffic no sales are made, no sales no business and it won’t be long before you are out of business. There are about 50 marketing approaches that you can implement to boost traffic to your website. I’ll be touching on the first 7 techniques and my subsequent articles will dwell on the remainder in stages.


1. Website Search OptimizationSEO Optimization

As previously mentioned in my article “ how to find the best keywords for my website “ the goal is to optimize your website search, simply put, you want your post to be ranked on search engine’s first page. Which means you’ll need to focus on finding keywords that represent your niche that have low competition ( Jaaxy’s QSR less than 100, the smaller the number the better).

When your keywords or long-tail phrase has little competition you have a much better chance of being ranked higher and this translates into more people reading your post. And that my friend is traffic.

Typically, you’ll choose to focus on one or two main keywords per web page. Padding your post with too many keywords is not something I’ll recommend because that is seen by Google as ‘stuffing’ and search engines frown on such nefarious technique.

This is a matter of personal opinion. I won’t be too concern with high search volume on the keywords search. Some online entrepreneurs focus on keywords that have the search volume of over 1000 searches a month. If you are not ranked high on the search engines what good is the 1000 searches a month? The trick to getting website traffic is to build a strong foundation of relevant keywords first. Get noticed and over time cumulatively you get more traffic that way.



2. Content Freshness Revision

Don’t be intimidated with the phrase content freshness revision. Simply what it means is you’ll need to occasionally revise your existing contents, remove outdated or no longer relevant materials from your web page and add new sections to keep your content relevant and engaging.

This is like pruning your garden, cutting off unwanted branches, pulling out the weeds, planting new trees and so on. Your website is no different. What was relevant 6 months ago may no longer be relevant today. You must be aware of what’s going on, so do your website cosmetic changes regularly.

A simple way to do content freshness is to have a product review and tied the review to your existing post. What this does to your post is that it allows your customers to leave reviews on your product page, which shows Google that there’s a regular activity on the page and new content. Active contents translate into higher ranking which leads to more traffic.

Another way to keep your product pages “fresh” is by highjacking the most common customer feedback and turning it into a sentence in your description. Online entrepreneurs and affiliate marketers use content freshness as an SEO hack or back-door way to drive traffic to their websites in a big way.


3. James Bond Your Competitors Spying on competitors

All businesses have competition and you already know that. Do your research on what your competitors are doing which would give you information about their sources of traffic. This helps you to prioritize your marketing channels.

One of the best tools to spy on your competitors’ marketing techniques is using Alexa. Alexa will tell what your competitors are doing to drive traffic to their websites. If you found that your competitors top choice is Facebook and Twitter, then that’s where you should focus on. Or if YouTube is their main source of traffic, then you should consider doing the same.

You can also piggyback on your competitors highest source of traffic. For example, if their blog is the greatest source of traffic you can then focus on building out an outreach strategy to collaborate with that blog.


4. Email Marketing

Many successful online entrepreneurs will tell you that email marketing is one of the best marketing techniques to keep driving traffic to your website as long as they subscribed. Building an email list takes a long time so it’s imperative that you start from day one.Pop Up opt-in windows

How do you build an email list? You can build an email list by using an email popup box, which adds opt-in forms to your website. You can encourage readers to enter their names and email addresses by offering them something free, such as free updates on your posts, free ‘how-to’ ebook, videos, quizzes or something similar. When you have created a huge email list you are in complete control of your marketing channel.


5. Twitter Marketing Twitter Marketing

Twitter doesn’t like spamming with auto bots. However, you can still optimize and monetize Twitter for a traffic source. There’s no limit to how many reaches you can get. You could easily build millions of followers by following fellow Twitter cyber dwellers. You achieve this with the help of relevant hashtags to gain a larger audience.

One way to get higher traffic from Twitter is to share a click to retweet link with ‘popular’ people featured in the article. This allows your original tweet to get more visibility, especially if a hashtag is used in it. As a result, more eyes end up on your tweet and you’ll get a higher click through to your website.


6. YouTube Marketing YouTube marketing

People now watch 1 billion hours of YouTube daily. That’s a huge market to tap for traffic generation. One way to tap this vast traffic is creating YouTube ads, adding links, annotation links to your videos. Create as many YouTube as you can consistently and over time you’ll be able to drive a huge number of traffic to your website.

The other way of optimizing YouTube is adding your links on other YouTubers videos targeting those with large followers. This is a good technique especially if you don’t have a large audience yet. Be sure you ask YouTube video owners’ permission before you do this. You could become their affiliates or pay the fees. And as you build your own audience you can start building your own channels to reduce the traffic acquisition costs.


7. Facebook Marketing(FB)

I am not a big fan of FB marketing these days but Facebook marketing platform is still a powerhouse to be reckoned with despite its organic search continues to decline due to FB prioritizing posts from friends and family members. To gain marketing traction join FB groups, FB Ads, Messenger, social media posts and be actively engaging on these platforms.

For example, as”online store owners”, you can promote your products/services to buy and sell FB groups which will bring traffic to your website from people who are interested in buying your products. Also, by combining FB ads with regular posting on your FB page, you’ll increase the chances of getting website traffic from various areas in FB.


First Installment

This is the first installment outlining the 7 traffic generation techniques that you can implement immediately. Subsequent installments will highlight other traffic generation techniques on how to get free traffic on your website as it’s impossible to cover them all here in one post.

This is also to prevent you from being overwhelmed with too much information at one time and allows you to start implementing the first 7 marketing techniques I outlined above. Good luck Affiliate Marketers.

As always I appreciate your time in reading my post and I welcome your comments, opinions, and critique. Please leave them below if you have any and I’ll get back ASAP.




14 thoughts on “How To Get Free Traffic On Your Website? – 7 Marketing Techniques.”

  1. Very comprehensive list of uses of marketing. I love to use an assortment of these items to build my brand. I believe email marketing is one of the most powerful tools that so many marketers neglect on a regular basis. James Bonding your competitors is interesting as well; I’ll incorporate that into my own work.

    Thank you for this post!
    Ben Kuriger

    1. Thank you, Ben

      Yes, there are so many marketing techniques to attract traffic to our website. Mastering just 2-3 will do wonders to our niche. But everything takes time. From now onwards I’ll be concentrating on Email marketing to boost traffic to my site.

  2. I really liked your post and all your ideas for boosting traffic. Staying up to date is so important and checking out the competition makes sense. Thank you for all the great info and a great read! 🙂

  3. Wow I just bookmarked this post.
    I definitely did know some of these tips like James bonding your competitors and also by using content refreshing ( which I have been doing recently).
    How many social media platforms would you recommend?

    1. Hi Thabo

      You can have as many many social media platforms as you wish. The #1 rule is that our engagement on social media must be interesting and proving values to the readers. Time may not permit us to be active in dozens of them but if we can be active in 3-5 media consistently that will be sufficient


  4. yes this was a content i was looking for on how to get free traffic on your website. many different ways and boy oh boy do they all work. only need to devote time and will generate traffic by default.

  5. I learned a lot from your article. I had not thought about using the James Bond technique or using people’s comments to refresh your content. I’m going to keep these tips in my back pocket. Thank you.

  6. An interesting guide for growing your traffic! I wonder, do I have to start collecting emails even if I have only 2-3 organic visitors a day to my website? What are the alternatives for Alexa? The price tag for Alexa(149 dollars per month) is kind of high for me.

    1. Hi Sebastian
      Building an email list takes a long time, it could be months or years before you have a sizable number and use the list as a marketing tool.2-3 visitors a day will add up to 700 – 1000 a year and if you keep doing this in 5 years you’ll have 4000 -5000 emails. Now you are in a great position to market whatever products you choose.


  7. Hi, this was a useful post. Social media is certainly a great marketing tool to share and market your site/blog. What do you think of Pinterest? This is quite popular as well. I need to look into email marketing some more, thank you for the ideas.

    1. Hi Tamika,

      Pinterest is another awesome social media that online marketers could use to promote their products/services. Pinterest is very visual because members can pin on their boards about the products/services they are offering. If you want to get involved in Pinterest I suggest you should consider Tailwind, it’s a tool that will pin your post for you even while you are asleep. The cost for this service is minimal really.

      Take a look at that Tailwind tool.

      Thank you.

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