Business Email Marketing Software – Do You Need It?

Business email marketing softwareMy previous post highlighted the importance of email marketing and it’s #1 choice by online marketers to promote their products/services.

Manually managing an email marketing campaign is not practical nor cost-efficient. Business email marketing software automates the entire email marketing process from building a list of email subscribers to designing and customizing email templates, to creating segmented lists for more targeted emails to be sent out.

With a variety of services, resources, and tools, the software allows marketers to do much more than simply send emails



What is email marketing software?

Email marketing software often comes with email builders, email scheduling features, and campaign automation tools to help you streamline operations. These applications allow you to plan, execute, and monitor email marketing campaigns.

Additionally, they provide marketers with reporting and analytics that will allow them to measure key metrics and fine-tune their strategy.

Email marketing software allows you to split-test campaigns and measure ROI with clear metrics. You can even observe in real time how the campaign is performing with the solution streaming key metrics as they happen.

You can see who click the emails and who opens the emails in real time. This allows you to change the campaign at once for a better outcome.


Purpose Of Email Marketing Software

Pitching an offer should not be the focus of email marketing. The emphasis is to create a relationship, build brand awareness every time a recipient clicks on your email and nurture customer loyalty by providing valuable information that actually helps them achieve a goal that they had in mind when they first subscribed to your email list. Valuable information in the form of free e-reports, discounts, coupons, bonus, news of upcoming promotions, etc.

As earlier mentioned sending bulk emails is a very involved process and time-consuming. The processes include preparing a list, segregating it to subgroups, sending newsletters, and creating feedback reports.

Manually doing all these processes with thousands and even millions of email addresses on the list is just not practical. You’ll need to do mass hiring and for most small to medium size businesses, this is out of their budget. Email marketing software does away with mass hiring and automates much of the manual workflows.

Email marketing software can help businesses of all sizes, in the creation of unique and engaging email marketing campaigns, generate leads with sign up forms and convert opt-in emails addresses into loyal customers, and other forms of digital messaging using basic automation tools and functionality.

Using the software platforms help you in providing a personal touch while keeping your message clear with the capacity to scale for larger audiences.

Through targeted mailing lists creation, email marketing software allow you to reach the desired audience at the right moment. What this means is that email marketing software can help your organization control and segment your audience, and gather tracking information to better understand the influence of each campaign. It takes the guesswork out of the equation which enhances your ROI.

Added functionality of email marketing software is that it enables you split-test campaigns and measure ROI with clear metrics. This functionality helps to optimize your overall marketing budget.

Needless to say, if you’re not using the software in your email marketing campaigns, you’re not realizing your campaign’s full potential.

To summarize the benefits of Email marketing software ( EMS) are as follows:

1. Email Automation. Thousands of emails for a campaign may be sent out at once with a click of a button.

2. Creating Brand Loyalty. The customizable templates within the software can be designed to provide cohesion in all the emails, newsletters and updates a company sends out across all channels. This strategic approach can improve customer engagement, retention and establish brand loyalty in the long run.

3. Customer Segmentation. Segmenting emails list by demographic, socioeconomic, geographic, income, age, gender and so on makes it easy to send targeted recipients relevant content based on their location in the sales funnel. This leads to a higher rate of click and open rates. Imagine sending emails about buying a new sports car specifically targeted towards age group 25- 45 versus sending blasting these emails towards 60 -80 age group. The former customer segment has better clicks and open rate.



Who Uses Email Marketing Software?marketing % sales team

Two teams that utilize EMS the most.


1. The Sales Teams. Email marketing is helpful in sales teams for making sales. Understandably sales teams work hand in hand with marketing teams in creating an impactful marketing campaign.

2. Marketing Teams. Designers, writers, developers, and managers planned in advance to create a specific email marketing campaign. Together they made up marketing teams. They contribute to the big picture of a campaign and use email marketing platforms to centralize the workflow.



Email Marketing Software Features.

While all email marketing software products share common features, they also differ in deployment (cloud vs. on-premise) and packaging (integrated within a CRM system or stand-alone app).CRM

The common features of email marketing software are:

1. Advanced Mailing List Targeting — This module enables you to segregate the mailing list into smaller, subgroups based on your metrics. Email subscribers can be categorized into multiple groups that match their profile.

Based on this market segmentation you can conduct specific email marketing campaigns for each targeted group. Some email marketing solutions feature automatic segmentation based on geo-location, demographics, autoresponder feedback, purchase history, and other metrics.

2. A/B testing — Different email sets can be sent to a small group to test different versions of emails to see which email has the best results. You can measure feedback, among other things, on the subject line, design, and copy.

This functionality can be highly effective in improving success rates as it allows for massaging the campaign and send the best-performing email version to the rest of the mailing list.

Additionally, email and mobile preview allows users to catch potential formatting mistakes prior to sending an email in a simplified format of email testing software.

3. WYSIWYG Editor —. ( A WYSIWYG editor is a system in which content (text and graphics) can be edited in a form closely resembling its appearance when printed or displayed as a finished product, such as a printed document, web page, or slide presentation.)

WYSIWYG has an email builder, which is user-friendly that allows you to see how your email appears before launching. The builder includes drag-and-drop functionality, built-in templates, responsive format, and photo editing.

4. Automated email responses — Automated emails responses are ideal for creating general brand awareness, coming on board processes, and personalizing notifications tailored to the recipients.

Customer loyalty is solidified with personalized notifications through continuous email engagement. Recipients are connected with little effort and great efficiency. CUSTOMERS

5. Merge Tags —. Merge tags is a widget that lets you replace variables in your message with a personal element, usually the recipient’s name, making your email warmth and friendly. Personalizing your emails emotes positive feelings by customers rather than the generic salutations. They are likely to respond this way.

Merge tags can also be used to send coupon codes specific to the recipient and avoid duplicates.

6. Analytic and Reports —. You can gauge the effectiveness of a marketing campaign through analytic and reports in email marketing software. Key metrics like open rates, CTRs, readers’ length of stay on your email, trending content and demographics can be measured.

Additionally, a good deal of email marketing apps come with a built-in real-time campaign tracker feature that streams metrics as they occur. This gives you greater flexibility in shifting the campaign if the results are not what you desired.

7. CRM Integration — Most email marketing software integrates seamlessly with popular CRM solutions. This helps align sales and marketing activities in a symbiotic relationship.

Leads from CRM are added to the mailing list and included in email marketing campaigns. CRM can provide context to your mailing lists, such as demographics, purchase history, and previous engagements. The benefit is that recipients that responded positively to your email can be forwarded to the CRM’s contact management and sales pipeline for lead nurturing.

8. Autoresponders — Autoresponders are used for dripping series of emails in email campaigns to nurture leads. 5 to 7 scheduled emails are crafted in the campaign to welcome the customer, thank the customer, remind the customer, answer a query or honor a request. Essentially autoresponders funnel prospects into sales funnel.

9. CAN-SPAM Act — Spamming is prohibited in the U.S. and EU. This tool ensures your email is CAN-SPAM compliance. The tool analyzes the email for the probability of being blocked by spam filters, broken links, and HTML structure.



Issues Of Email Marketing Software.

Email marketing software is not a holy grail that will solve your lead’s problems, nor does it instantly builds a mailing list for you nor creates sales immediately. You need to be aware of certain issues:

1. CAN-SPAM compliance is worth repeating. The Act is a series of requirements to comply when sending out mass emailing by email marketers. Failure to comply with the CAN-SPAM Act can result in hefty fines. As such it is important for you to verify that the email marketing software you choose complies with the CAN-SPAM requirements to avoid any issues.

2. Spam Filters. Many email providers have spam filters built-in. Gmail, for example, is especially notorious in spam blocking; even opt-in subscription can end up in its promotions tab, away from the main inbox and may never be opened by the recipients. If you’re unaware of this, your campaign is ineffective since the emails are unable to reach its intended audience.

Select good email marketing software that is capable of alerting you for potential spam triggers like generic subject lines, common sales promises, complex layouts, and too much URL links.

3. Customer Abandonment Risk. Without a plan, your emails may end up pissing off customers with messages that don’t interest them or are irrelevant. Potentially this may result in recipients unsubscribing and shrinking your mailing list.

It’s important to strategize your email marketing campaign, use market segmentation and autoresponder to ensure your emails create values to the recipients.

4. Absence Of A/B Testing. Effectiveness of email marketing can be measured with metrics that define the best outcomes. Don’t sabotage the potential of email marketing software by your lack of appreciation of this discipline.


Here are some of the well-known email marketing software tools to choose from:

1. Drip Commerce:

2. Salesforce:

3. MailChimp:.

4. iContact:

5. Salesgrid:

6. SendInBlue:

7. Bronto Marketing Platform:

8. Pardot:

9. MoEngage:

10. Moon Mail:

11. DotDigital Engagement:

12. Campaign Monitor:

13. Tout App:

14. Clearslide:

15. Contact Monkey:

16. Aweber:


How To Choose Email Marketing Software For Your Company?

Price shouldn’t be the only factor. Here are a few aspects to consider:

1. Most email platforms offer an unlimited number of messages and tiered pricing packages. The package you selected depends on the number of subscribers. So, if you are a small business with a few hundred mailing list subscribers, Free or a small monthly fees software package from Mailchimp is ideal for you. Others may even offer a pay-as-you-go plan like Benchmark. MAIL CHIMP

2. Account settings with email marketing software is a breeze. It usually takes just a few clicks by entering your email address and choosing a monthly plan. It is advisable you start or request a free trial if you are not sure which is the right email marketing software you want.

Free trial for a limited period is mostly available to all new users. Just make sure you cancel before the trial period is over if that’s not what you want, otherwise your credit cards on file will be billed.

3. 24/7 support via phone, chat, or email, as well as comprehensive documentation, is an important aspect to consider before making any purchase especially if you are a novice. Bear in mind, marketing campaigns are usually time sensitive. Unable to send out your Year-End sales newsletter just because of a technical glitch you weren’t able to fix can have a negative impact on your campaign. CUSTOMER SUPPORT SERVICE

4. User-friendly interfaces in the software are paramount for newbies and pros alike. If you want to build your newsletter in HTML, does the software allow you to do that? It is best to choose a platform offering a wide range of templates and stock images you could potentially use.

5. Look for spam filter features in the software. These features allow you to test your messages for spam. They will warn you if your text contains words that might trigger red flags from email providers. After all, you don’t want to see all your beautifully designed messages end up in your subscribers’ junk folders.

6. A good email marketing software offers tracking results so that you can better understand customer behavior. This allows customizable, as well as to A/B split test your messages so that you can constantly improve your marketing campaigns.


The cornerstone for your email marketing campaigns is choosing a good online marketing software no matter the size or the industry. A superior bulk email marketing software will offer you everything you need to design beautiful newsletters, to campaign tracking, auto-responder reviews and to move your marketing campaigns to the next level.

I am an affiliate marketer with a company that has an outstanding track record and if you want to find out please click HERE.

It takes me quite a while to gather all the pertinent facts on email marketing and email marketing software, I certainly appreciate if you could link it to your post or in social media. If you want to share any business ideas, questions and comments please leave them below.

Thank you












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  1. Wow I am so glad I found this post! I just recently started up a blog and was looking to start gathering an email list. I had no clue where to even begin but now thanks to you, I feel so much better.

    I agree with you 100% that manually managing an email list is highly ineffective. An email marketing software is absolutely the way to go. Upon setting up, they essentially do all the hard work for you.

    I tried your suggestion of MailChimp, and I love it. They are so easy to use and they have amazing customer service. I ran into an issue of running multiple campaigns and they helped me sort it out immediately. I would definitely recommend them.

    Thanks for this post, it was extremely helpful!

    1. Hi Madysen

      Glad I could help. Not only manually managing an email marketing without email marketing software is ineffective, it’s almost impossible as your business grow. Entrepreneurs time is well served doing what he does best, ie promoting his product’s. Not using the tools is an inefficient use of his time when automation tool like the software is readily available either free or at a fraction of a cost.

  2. What a great article about e-mail marketing.
    Thank you so much. This was a pretty interesting article. Your analysis is detailed and complete. Not left with many questions. Product seems very interesting.Thanks a lot for sharing this top notch article.
    Which e-mail program are you using?
    Keep up the good work.

    1. Hi Peeters Nelly

      Thanks for the kind words. I tried my best to be as comprehensive as possible and I will revise as new information comes up.

      Currently, I am using MailChimp as my email marketing software. It has a free version and u can upgrade as your needs arise.

  3. Excellent and very informative post! I have my own website and would like to start getting an email service setup for my website, but didn’t know where to start. This post was very informative in that it also explained about spamming. Didn’t know that there was an actual act against it. I’ll make sure to choose a service that will warn about potential spam as it could be detrimental to your online business. Thanks for sharing this information.

    1. You are welcome Jerry

      I am glad I was able to provide some help to someone looking to start email marketing and what kind of software that is suitable for the campaign.
      As in everything we need to be aware of issues related to the programs/software we choose. You could ask for a free trial to find out before making a firm commitment or simply ask questions through their support center. Almost all email marketing software vendors have good customer support staff.

      Thank you for reading my post.

  4. Thanks for breaking down the software in pieces. I see that there is a lot for me to learn before I start my email marketing campaign. I have an idea to opt in a lead generation form to every blog post that I wrote. I’m applying the system of reverse engineering. In other words, I look at authority sites and emulate what they do. Before I implement an email marketing startegy I’ll have to create a freebie of some kind to share in exchange for an email. I did sign up for software already. I’ve chosen AWeber which I can’t see on your list. What do you think about it? Is it worth it? I can see many marketers use AWeber for their email campaign.

    1. Good points you brought out there Ivan

      1. “Reverse engineering” or as I like to call it spying on our competitors. There is nothing nefarious about learning/spying our competitors’ activities as long as it’s done without the intention of sabotaging them. We just want to know what makes our competitors successful and probably employ the same marketing strategies they used. We need to constantly learn & grow if we are to survive in our business

      2. Yes, it’s important to include some kind of ” freebie ” that we can offer to our audience. They opt-in by giving their names and email address and are looking for something of value. It behooves us to provide them these values. Freebies could be a free report, discounts, bonus, special offers, etc. In that way, they feel they are getting something valuable and they are will be amenable to buy our products/services when we offer them. Trust has been built by then.

      3. AWeber is a good software to acquire and one of the more affordable amongst software vendors out there. It has been around for years and has several thousand loyal customers. AWeber is also user-friendly which makes it a popular choice. I didn’t include AWeber in my post since there just too many to all software vendors, but I will revise my post and include AWeber.

      Thanks for bringing it up.

      1. Thanks for a quick reply.

        I believe that learning from sites better than mine is one of the best ways how I can understand and emulate their success. Of course, the dirty game will get me nowhere, I understand that.

        I have an idea for an ebook. However, I don’t have enough time right now to put it together as I’m still working on my website content and rankings. As soon as my hands are free, I’ll figure out how to make one. Any suggestions?

        1. Hi Ivan

          For ebook, there are two ways to obtain them.
          1. You can buy them from, just make sure you have the reselling rights
          2. Some ebooks are given free by online marketers and ebook authors and you can then give these free ebooks to your opt-in subscribers. Try this for starter
 this for starter

          Hope that helps and if you have other questions, or want to share business ideas, please leave them below. I’ll get back ASAP

          Thanks again.

  5. Hey man, great job on this article! I actually just started my own website, and up until now I hadn’t even considered email marketing. I’m definitely going to be looking into some of these marketing software platforms you mentioned, seems like it would be a great way to expand my business.

    I agree completely that developing a relationship with your customers should be the priority, instead of just trying to sell some stuff. People can go to Walmart or Amazon if they just want to browse, but for people that prefer informed decision-making, they need actual human interaction to really understand the products they are interested in.

    Kudos to you, you’ve really laid out the prospect of email marketing software to a tee, I found this article highly informed and useful. Keep on rockin’ it, you’ll be an authority in your field in no time!


    1. Thank you, Bobby

      Email marketing is a way to create trust with your audience and trust is earned when you give them something that they are looking for. It’s only when your audience considers you as an authority in your field would they consider buying your products. Trust takes time to develop through a series of contacts/emails. That’s why email marketing is so vital for online entrepreneurs.

  6. Hi ahearst,

    I completely agree with you. Nowerdays it’s not possible to run an online business without a professional e-mail marketing program.
    Even in the conservative business you should use such a program – actually I think its coming up that way.
    It’s the easiest way to communicate with your clients – or simply get new clients.
    But this on the other hand one must consider as well. Namely that you don’t flood your clients with automated e-mails. This is very contra productive and nerve.
    But if you can handle that – great tool! Necessary tool!

    Very good information! Thanks for that!
    Old George

    1. Thank, Old George

      As with everything, we need to exercise moderation in everything we do.

      The good thing about an email campaign using email marketing software is that you can program the email sending’s schedule. Each email is spaced out after few days have lapsed and each time something of value and new is added in the email.

      Studies after studies have shown that it takes an average of 7 contacts before someone will buy your products. As long as they don’t click that Unsubscribe button then you are good.

      If you have any other questions/comments leave them below. I’ll get back ASAP

  7. Hey Ahearst, thanks for this great post, it is vvery informative. I use Mailchimp and have used Aweber in the past, I will look at each one of the others on your list to compare. An intuitive email marketing software is very useful, repeatedly sending an email offer to a client who has already purchased the product is like shooting yourself in the leg yet I have seen it many times, I simply unsubscribe from such marketers because I feel they are not in touch with their customers. As you mention in your post – the relationship is crucial therefore an Email Marketing Software that nurtures and enhances the relationship is definitely a winner. Thanks again.

    1. Hi Kimberleigh

      Email marketing campaign ultimate objective for online entrepreneurs is to make sales. But don’t confuse this with the priority. Our priority is to provide something that the audience/subscribers want, something of value that can help them. By providing values over time we create trust and with trust, the subscribers are more inclined to purchase our products. Simply forcing our products to them will alienate them and eventually, they will unsubscribe.
      All relationships must be based on trust.

      FYI, I’ll be reviewing several email software so people can decide which one to choose based on their business needs.

      Keep an eye on my next post.

      Thanks for reading

  8. Incredibly informative article, I was personally looking into doing some email marketing myself but didn’t have much of a clue on how or where to start, coming across this was really helpful as I have a much better grasp of what to do now, very articulate and straight to the point with no bullshit 🙂

    Thank you for this post it was really helpful I always wondered if doing it manually would be a chore but putting it into perspective with the information given especially with the software is really helpful, thank you once more!

    1. Thank you Tadas

      I tried to provide information as comprehensive as possible to my readers without putting them to sleep. lol. When people read your article they are looking for something to solve their problems and it’s only courteous on our part to educate and answer their questions in a truthful manner.

      If they think that you are not giving what they are looking for they will just leave and search somewhere else and all your efforts in creating the article are wasted.

      I put myself in their shoes, and anticipate what kinds of questions they may ask and answer them just like I want my questions answered when reading someone else post. If people tried to BS their way, that shows disrespect of my time and I don’t like it. I treat people the way I want to be treated.

  9. That’s a very informational article. I’m needing to integrate my website with MailChimp quite soon, it’s very easy to use and free up to a certain amount of subscribers. Thanks again for the info!

  10. WOW, you gave so much information about email marketing. I had no idea, that there are auto-responders that can do so much.

    I never knew that the software could be set up according to a persons income, age, sex or where they live.

    I agree with you, it is important, that we obey or spam laws. It can be very costly and can cause someone their business.

    Great job and great information

    1. Hi Rev.John Harrison

      Without autoresponders, it’s almost impossible to manage large volume email marketing campaigns. Autoresponders make the campaigns so efficient and cost-effective.
      The software is so versatile and user-friendly, it can do all kinds of market segmentation.

      If you need help on autoresponders, feel free to drop a line. I’ll get the answer for you

      Thanks for reading my post

  11. Hello Mathew, i like the way you analizde everything about wealthy affiliate in you post. I am a member of wealthy affiliate but not for long now and since i am still learn, i have leaned alot about WA from you post today.

    And also the list of email marketing softwares is

  12. Hello Mathew, I like the way you analyzed everything about wealthy affiliate in your post. I am a member of wealthy affiliate but not for long now and since I am still learning, I have learned a lot about WA from your post today.

    And also the list of email marketing software is something I have been brainstorming about but you just helped get that out of the way for me. Thank you very much for such a post.

    1. You’re welcome Eric

      I am glad I could help someone through my post. If you have any other question feel free to ask e. I’ll do my best to answer them

      Thank you for your comments

  13. This was a very thorough post, thanks so much! You covered a lot of important points.

    Your email list is your business’s biggest asset, and something you can call your own.

    Personally I’m in the affiliate marketing industry and have found that many email capture services don’t accept affiliate marketers so it’s impor to read the fine print before signing up.

    I had found one I liked and had started using but when I was telling support my business name they said I couldn’t use them. The two most reliable would be Aweber and Getresponse. They both accept affiliates.


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