An Email Marketing How To Guide – For Beginners

This is my third installment of affiliate marketing on how to get the traffics we needed. See at the end of this article to review the previous three.

In this installment on an email marketing how-to guide, I will explain how you can implement other powerful marketing techniques to generate traffic to your website. Email marketing is part of internet marketing, which encompasses online marketing via websites, social media, blogs, forums and more.


Email Marketing Definition. email marketing

The best definition of email marketing that I came across is the use of email to develop relationships with prospects which will turn into customers later on. It is essentially the same as the snail mail, instead of sending mail through the postal service, messages are sent electronically via email.

Email marketing is aimed at promoting products/services via websites, blogs, social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagrams and many more which is far more efficient than snail mail.

A good example of email marketing is the influx of emails in our email account in-box offering all sorts of ”deals”. Notice I said “a good example of email marketing” instead of ” an example of a good email marketing”.

Some online marketers buy an email list and repeatedly emailing this list with a barrage of offers neither requested nor wanted by the recipients.

This kind of email marketing is better known as spamming, it’s still an email marketing, at its worst. All it does is annoying everyone and gives email marketing a bad rap. Don’t do it.

An email marketing that offers customers useful, relevant information and adding values to them is the best kind of email marketing. Customers like to buy, they don’t like to be sold.

Please note never buy an email list from a third party email vendors. This kind of list very often had been overused by too many online marketers and it encourages opt-out email participation.

Develop your own email list through opt-in email participation. This takes time but worth it.


Email Marketing Benefits.

I can think of several advantages of email marketing.

1. Studies show 94% of Internet users use email. About 269 billion emails are sent and received daily in 2017 and this number is expected to reach 319.6 billion by the end of 2021. ( source THE RADICATI GROUP, INC. @ WWW.RADICATI.COM ).

This sheer volume alone makes email marketing an indispensable part of online marketing technique.

2. Not surprisingly a survey found that an astounding 75% of adult online users say email marketing is actually their preferred marketing method!

One of the main reasons if not the only reason people on your email list purposefully provided you with their email address is that they wanted more information on your products/services. They actually want to see your email promotions.

3. Email marketing is a relatively inexpensive way to advertise your products/services compared to other types of marketing.

Compare this to TV advertising. Each 60 seconds TV ad costs several hundred thousands dollars depending on the network you choose. TV advertising is therefore not easily accessible to small businesses.

Sending emails, on the other hand, costs zero dollars. This makes email marketing one of the cheapest possible marketing tactics and very accessible to small businesses.

4. The ROI of email marketing is easy to track. ROI can be directly measured based on the response you get from the campaign through the use of the software. The software enables you to see who is opening the emails and who’s clicking onto your site.

Unlike print and TV advertising, email marketing ROI is usually very high because you don’t have to put ad money behind emails to get them to the targeted audience.

You are sending emails to people who have given you permission via providing you with their email address. This sniper targeted approach towards marketing is far superior compared to shot-gun broad marketing approach.

5. According to data from GSMA two-thirds or 5 billion the world’s population are connected by mobile devices in Q2 2017. The vast majority of Americans – 95% – now own a cellphone of some kind according to Pew Research Center in 2011

66% of all emails in the U.S. are opened on mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets.

As more and more people are using a mobile device, more than laptops, your websites and emails should also be optimized for mobile usage.

Email marketing works best with other marketing efforts especially alongside social media marketing like Facebook, Twitter, and media

Email marketing has the ability to cross-promote your company’s social media profiles on emails with buttons requesting that your email subscribers follow. ( refer to my previous post on this)

One of the ways to do the cross-promotion is to run a giveaway on your social media accounts that requests people provide their email address in order to enter.


Email List Creation


There are too many ways to build your email list, and one of the sweet spots to start is to embed an email registration form on your website. Using your existing website as leverage you can offer your website visitors special information or discounts in exchange for their email address.

Another way is for you to simply make posts asking your social media followers to subscribe to your email list and provide a link to a form they can sign up on. If your offer has enough value to them, the odds are that they are willing to supply you their emails so they could follow and learn more about your brand on social media through email.

As mentioned earlier using email marketing software, you can customize emails with subscribers’ names and can send out personalized emails for people’s birthdays. You can even maintain separate email lists and send out different offers or promotions to different audience sets.

Personalizing your deals when offering your products/services to your prospects gets better results.

Make your customers feel they are getting something special on auspicious days, such as Independence Day sales, Christmas deals, Year-end deals, their birthdays’ sales, etc.

A month-long 50% off of your products for customers celebrating their 50-year milestone in their life is a good example of email marketing personalization.

This form of email marketing can lead to increased sales and create customers us


Email Marketing Content.


Now that you have a solid email list you need to start planning your emails. What kinds of emails should you send?

The good news is that email marketing is so customizable. You have a vast range of content you can include in your emails and unique formatting options to choose from, so the sky’s the limit!

The content you include in your emails really depends on the type of business you are running.

Good examples of email contents are to include links to your website articles, loyalty rewards for subscribers, customer testimonials, information about new promotions or sales, of special events and announcements about new items or services. Really the possibility is endless.

Incorporating email coupons into your email marketing strategy is a powerful tool to drive both in-store and online sales. The promise of email coupons is also an excellent way to get people to subscribe to your email list and build brand loyalty!

A study by the Relevancy Group found adding videos onto email marketing increases revenue of approximately 40%.success marketing


Email Marketing Optimization

Fancy words, it simply means what are the most optimal times you should be sending out your emails. Emails are less likely to opened immediately during busy hours. They may open it later, or they may also forget about it and let it sit in their inbox indefinitely.

With your email marketing software platforms, it will help you figure out which times are ideal for you to send out emails

A good rule of thumb to obtain the most optimal time to send out emails is early morning before people go out to work, during lunch hours and evenings when people are off work.




Email Marketing Etiquette

Certain things you should never do:

1. Never spam

2. Never purchase email lists

3. Never deceive your subscribers

4. Never utilize poor design

5. Never email inconsistently.

You can hire a digital marketing agency to handle all your email marketing program if you can’t handle it by yourself if budget permits. But it is best to handle it’s not that difficult really. What is required is time.

Thank you for following my post. If you like to share business ideas, comments and ask questions feel free to leave them below, I’ll get back ASAP




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8 thoughts on “An Email Marketing How To Guide – For Beginners”

  1. Email marketing is one of the things I have been having trouble with lately. I have been looking into email marketing swipe files but I wonder if they are any good? Do you have experience with these

    1. Hello Jessie

      Consider hiring or outsourcing email marketing if you are having trouble implementing an email marketing program. Digital marketing agency may be rather expensive, so might want to try Fiver to handle the job. THey cost much less.

      Email marketing swipe files are powerful and have been used very successfully by some major companies/brands like Sony, Norm Thompson’s Christmas stocking emails. Linkedin, and the Banana Republic.

  2. This is a great post. There’s a right way and wrong way to do email marketing and most people make the mistake of expecting instant sales. Building rapport and trust is the process that must be mastered before success can be realised.

    1. Hi Dkohara
      you’re absolutely right. In email marketing, it takes an average of 7 contacts before a prospects turn into a customer. Expecting an instant result with just one or two contacts is not going to happen. Their trust have to be earned over time by providing them with valuable information.

      Thank you

  3. This post came at a great time for me. I’ve always wondered how to go about email marketing for my website. I run a food blog and I don’t know where to begin with creating an email marketing campaign. The only email addresses I have are from comments on my site. I don’t want to spam them or send them any emails until I have something of value to send them. I have a lot more to learn about email marketing campaigns and your post is an excellent start. Thanks!

    1. Hi Dawn
      Email list generated through opt-in is voluntary by nature because people are interested to receive more information from you since you’re providing something of value to them. This makes the list very good targeted leads. They have given their expressed permission for you to email them with information and products/services offered.
      This is in contrast to random emails collected from your site would not be considered a good email list, but you can message them by constant engaging to build rapport and trust with soft-selling. That’s how you can turn random emails to a good email list

      Thank you for your comments

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